Sandbox travelers on Phuket can fly to other destinations from September

From September flights for Sandbox travelers will be allowed from Phuket to Bangkok, Suvanabhumi and Don Muang airports, says a contact at the Thai Ministry of Transport.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand had suspended the flights due to the outbreak of COVID-19, causing damage to tourism.

However, travellers must have completed their 14 days on Phuket to travel to Bangkok or other provinces of the country.

Thai Airways International has announced that it has adjusted its operations to meet the needs of air travel within the restrictions of Covid-19. Its director confirmed that there would be two domestic flights per week until October between Bangkok and Phuket.

Flight TG916 to Bangkok will depart Phuket on Fridays and flight TG922 to Phuket will depart every Thursday from September 2021.

Flights to and from Frankfurt and London will also be scheduled, starting in September.

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Source : Bangkok post